< Multi-Purpose Grapple for Mini Skid Steer Power Unit by Genesis Power Systems, LLC




  • Closes to less than 3 inches
  • Protected grease zerks
  • Replaceable grapple insert bushings
  • Optional hydraulic rotation
  • Optional push bar


Genesis Multi-Purpose Grapple (Mini/Stand-On) Specifications
Model Mini Multi-Purpose Grapple
Part Number 901314
Hydraulic Pump Capactiy Requirements 5 - 15 GPM
System Pressure 2,000 - 3,000 psi
Maximum Jaw Opening Width 38"
Minimum Jaw Closing Diameter 3"
Rotator Capacity 9,000 lb.
Boom Capacity 1,500 lb.
Grapple Cylinder Bore 2.5
Operating Weight (with Toro mounting plate) 402 lb.
Hydraulic Rotation  
Push Bar  
Toggle Control Harness*  
Loader Specific Wire Harness*  
Factory Installed Couplers  
* Applies to Hydraulic Model only
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